The Croatan Group of the Sierra Club is planning and sponsoring a fundraising event in New Bern to support area political candidates, as well as other pro environment candidates around our state of NC.  This will be an exciting event, with Roy Cooper, candidate for governor of NC, speaking and meeting people attending the event.  Anyone who is a Sierra Club member, or anyone who would like to join the Sierra Club at the event for $15 (hey, you get a subscription to the great SC magazine and a gift…what a deal!) is invited to come and enjoy the speakers, food, beverages (soft drinks, beer, and wine) and friendship with others who share a love for the environment.

The date is June 1.  See below for more details.

Admission is free.  All are encouraged, but not required, to contribute to the PAC fundraising campaign, which supports candidates here and around the state for the coming election.

For more information, including how to donate to this PAC, click on the following:


PAC Fundraiser flyer 2016


Hoffman Forest Sale Protests, and Information about this Issue

Thank you so much for signing our MoveOn petition, which is now at almost 8500 signatures after a little more than three weeks!
With your help we are well on our way to making this a successful campaign to save this huge 79,000-acre forest from being destroyed. If we can rescue Hofmann Forest and make sure it gets opened back up to the public, think of the all the long-term benefits for people and wildlife you will have achieved with your hard work!

But there is still more work to do over the next couple of weeks to be sure we win. Can you spare a few more minutes today?

Here are some easy action items, see which ones you’ve already done and which you might be able to knock out right now:

1. keep sharing the petition with your friends, family, and co-workers:
(remember that no one signs a petition without hearing about it first from someone else! Just a few more shares and we’ll hit 10,000 signatures!)

2. check out our cool interactive map which vividly illustrates the importance of saving the forest (please share this too):

3. send a direct email to more than 20 different NCSU leaders asking them to stop the sale, using this convenient action link:
(don’t worry if one or two of the trustee emails bounce back – that’s a sign we’ve flooded their inboxes, and we’re keeping count of the total # sent)

4. Save the date for our upcoming protests – both August 25, noon – at NCSU’s campus in Raleigh, and also by Hofmann Forest itself at the coast (take your pick, whichever is closer!). More details to follow soon, but please mark your calendars and make plans to attend with some friends. The timing couldn’t be better – its the start of the semester at NCSU, and we go to Appeals Court the next day, Aug 26, so the protests will be essential for showing the media and the Judges that a lot of people really don’t want this forest to be destroyed. Plus we will deliver the Hofmann petition signers lists at the Raleigh protest!

5. Follow us on Facebook,, so you can stay current on all of the latest news stories and updates.

6. Ask for a yard sign, if you live in the Triangle please email, or at the coast email – put “Hofmann yard sign” in the subject line please.

7. send in a brief letter to the editor of your favorite NC newspaper, making the argument why Hofmann Forest should be protected rather than sold.
Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this very important campaign!

For the forest,

Ron Sutherland, Ph.D.
NCSU Biology ’99
Conservation Scientist
Wildlands Network
Durham, NC